Night city osvitchene neon.

The Plan

The financial requirements for this vision are too enormous to be singularly guaranteed by the South African financial institutions. There will be a need to

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road and cities

About Us

The New Cities New Economies vision is a project under the Global Consortium for Africa’s Economic Development (Global Consortium). The Global Consortium is a Non-­governmental

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Magical sunset over skyscrapers.

The Rational

South Africa is a country in transition. From its historical past, the country inherited a fragmented urban geography, racially segregated and with high levels of

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Majestic tree branches in afternoon light in Africa.

The Vision

The  New  Cities  New  Economies  thesis  is  our  generation’s  vision  for  the  economic  revolution,  which  will  radically  transform  and  advance  South  Africa  and  Africa’s economy. 

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South Africa & Africa's Grand Plan

This audiobook locates the legacy of spatial injustices inherited from apartheid’s social, political and economic engineering as the central cause of the challenges which are holding the country back. Its proposed solution is total national spatial reconstruction, to be spawned by the creation of many new mega-city regions that will germinate new economies for South Africa and the continent.

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