One Africa. One Grid.

One Africa One Grid seeks to attain a prosperously united continent that is interconnected by a common economic grid. A grid is a network, a pattern or system of something. The concept is often used to refer to energy and transport, an energy grid, a transport grid. But it can also apply to many things, such as the economy, water, telecommunications, etc. The South African economy will grow significantly if it intertwines itself with the African economy. There are massive opportunities earmarked for Africa’s economic growth. But Africa itself has to champion this.

The new cities that will ultimately adorn the African continent will form an African economic grid that will be linked altogether by mutual economic interests and activities. One of the most urgently needed investments for intra-­Africa trade is the African transport network. Transport is the bedrock of the economy; it connects goods and people across spaces.

One Africa One Grid is the cornerstone of Africa’s Grand Plan, an economic development plan that is perceived for overall economic development of the African continent, and which is anchored on massive urbanization, modernization and industrialization.